Import SHP file

Application can import SHP file into the project as the new vector layer. You can display data, set style and browse data in attribute table. The source SHP file is not influenced if you perform any change in the layer that was created from imported SHP. But you can export layer to SHP file. Import […]

Export layer to SHP

Your data layer can be exported into SHP file. Select Layer for export Open project panel <icon-pancakes> Tap layer options <icon-three -dots> > open Settings Tap export Export attributes Define the name of the exported SHP file (1) (by default is used the name of the layer) Define or change the Reference system of exported […]

Layer style and labels

Label settings Labels show information about elements directly on the map. To change the style of labels: Open project panel <icon-pancakes> Tap layer options <icon-three -dots> > open Settings Select tab LABELS Enable labels (1) Select attribute Open drop down list (2) and choose attribute. Its value will be shown as label of feature on […]

Add new empty vector layer

Vektorová vrstva je základní element pro sběr a zobrazení dat v terénu. Definuje tvar a umístění dat a jejich metadata. Před založením nové vrstvy je třeba rozmyslet, jestli chcete mapovat bodové prvky, linie a nebo plochy (polygony). New Layer Open current project <icon_projects> tap on green PLUS button <icon_plus_green> select New empty layer Basic layer […]

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