About projects

Locus GIS organizes your data and collections into the projects. Project consists from vector layers, map layers and file overlays (GPX, KMZ/KML files). Only one project can be opened during field work but you can can quickly close opened project and display another one. Project manager From the Menu <icon_menu> open Projects <icon_projects> to display […]

Export project to QGIS

With this feature it’s possible to export whole project as QGIS 3.x project. It helps to use the data on the PC in powerful and free GIS SW. The main benefit is the usage of attachments created in the field in the office on the PC. Project Export Open project panel <icon-pancakes> Tap options <icon-three […]

Export locations

The app offers options to export data into internal memory / SDcard or on the Cloud. In every export dialog (export to SHP file, export to QGIS) it’s possible to define export location. Local device memory Default option is export into the project folder in the device memory (1). To change the path use build-in […]

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